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Hiring me means savings in the long-term. A bad translation can cost you a client, a project, or even a FORTUNE. Quality is an asset.


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  • Availability in different time zones
  • Easy communication via e-mail, Skype or telephone
  • Fair pricing and up front terms and conditions spelled out in a service contract
  • Access to a club of savvy investors and happy customers 

Silvia O. Miñarro: translator, trader and expert in corporate communications

Never invest in something you don’t understand. You’ve heard this a thousand times. It’s good advice. The same applies to financial translation…


What my clients have to say

Almudena Ruíz

“When I bought my home, I needed an interpreter with me at the notary. Silvia was very professional and kind.…

Sandra Malo

Translator, interpreter & copywriter
"I've collaborated with Silvia for several years now. She's a fantastic person to work with and she's always willing to…

Santiago Miguel Enamorado

“I was in need of a sworn translation into German for a personal matter. I felt lost and Silvia helped…

Other services

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A translation with an official seal?

Official documents, issued by universities, schools, civil registry, business register, degrees, transcripts, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, separation of ownership, acts of incorporation, bill of exchange, notes, ledgers, etc.

A translation that is NOT about finance?

I can help you with the translation of corporate communications, such as purchase agreements, articles of incorporation, memoranda of associations, insurance documents, explanation of benefits, employee handbooks, code of ethics and compliance, etc.

An interpreter for an appointment at the notary, bank or an important meeting?


  • I have a broad network of professional contacts. I will make sure someone can help you.
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