An investor by heart, I’ve also invested in myself and my business. That includes extensive study of stock markets, international reporting requirements, and effective financial communications.

Why not invest in the services of a true finance expert for your Spanish translations?

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I understand what drives markets – and write persuasive Spanish texts that inspire buyers to buy now, investors to invest today, and decision-makers to act with haste.  

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Hiring me means savings in the long-term. A bad translation can cost you a client, a project, or even a FORTUNE. Quality is an asset.

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What my clients have to say

Eva Vilarrubi

Director at Fast Lines
“Based in Maryland, my company manages the publication of some important reports about politics, economics, and education from international organizations. When those reports were needed in Spanish, I made sure that Silvia’s business, Minarro Financial, was on the translator team. I highly recommend her for texts that demand both accuracy and good style.”

Arianna Ballanti

Marketing Manager at SO Connect
“As part of our marketing strategy, we write case studies and blog posts regularly. As we had offices in other European countries, we decided to translate those marketing texts into other languages, and Mrs. Miñarro was recommended to us for this important step. Her job was to copy-adapt the texts, written originally in English, for the Spanish market. If you are looking for a high-quality, market-oriented and reliable partner, Minarro Financial is the perfect match.”

Lisa Rüth

Managing Partner at Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH
“Silvia has helped us with proofreading and translating highly technical marketing material on currency and risk management solutions and FX ETFs, amongst other documents. With her deep understanding of the financial markets and their products, combined with a great eye for detail, we know that our texts are in good hands. Silvia is quick to respond to our requests, easy to communicate with, and seems to never lose her cool; with that, she has helped us out of some tight corners.”

Silvia O. Miñarro: translator, investor, and your gateway to Spanish-speaking markets

Never invest in something you don’t understand. You’ve heard this a thousand times. It’s good advice. The same applies to financial translation…

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I can help you with the translation of corporate communications, such as purchase agreements, articles of incorporation, memoranda of associations, insurance documents, explanation of benefits, employee handbooks, code of ethics and compliance, etc.


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