What my clients have to say

Casey Warner

Project Manager
"I worked with Silvia for over a year on many English to Spanish translation projects. Silvia was one of the best Quality Managers that I worked with at my company. Not only did she ALWAYS deliver her work on time, but in that time period I had not one client quality complaint on the translations. Silvia's attention to detail made her my top choice of Quality Manager to work with!"

Lena Brandt

Zibert + Friends [Consulting]
"It is a pleasure to work with Silvia! We’re currently cooperating on several translations for a client's blog and are more than happy with the results and her overall effort.  We can highly recommend hiring Silvia for translation work."

César Rodríguez

Freelance translator and proofreader
"I've had the pleasure to work with Silvia on several projects. She has always provided excellent QM services. She is reliable, thorough and accurate. I will surely keep working with her."

Sandra Malo

Translator, interpreter & copywriter
"I've collaborated with Silvia for several years now. She's a fantastic person to work with and she's always willing to help, making her the perfect colleague. She thoroughly proofreads her work, as well as she documents it with glossaries that she creates when the client doesn't provide one, making sure her projects have a successful end all the time. I can't recommend her enough!"

Santiago Miguel Enamorado

“I was in need of a sworn translation into German for a personal matter. I felt lost and Silvia helped me in the process— she answered all my questions and she offered me a detailed quote in writing that made me trust in her. She did a good work and in short time.”

Almudena Ruíz

“When I bought my home, I needed an interpreter with me at the notary. Silvia was very professional and kind. I would like to highlight her punctuality, easy contact, quick answers and her initiative. Highly recommended.”

Alejandro Daza Marín

"I am in the process of submitting a visa application in Germany and I needed some documents from my country, Chile, translated. I am very satisfied with the speed and quality of the work performed by Silvia, and the quick and smooth contact we had per e-mail to clarify my doubts or specify details of her service."

Rebeka Maria Varga

"I needed the translation of some documents urgently, from German into Spanish. With Silvia, I felt well cared for and I think she has a good quality and she is really professional in her job. Truth is, I liked very much how quick she answered, and she delivered the translation earlier than agreed, which helped me a lot because I needed the documents as soon as possible."

Noemí Fariña Gómez

"I am looking for a job, that's why I needed my university degrees translated. I am very satisfied with the work done by Silvia, and by our communication: fast and easy."

Carmen Extremera Iglesias

"Very professional, quick and effective results. If you need an official document, the service provided by Silvia O. Miñarro is ideal."

David Fernández Castellanos

"I needed a diploma translated for the university (FAU). Silvia offered me a great service with good communication."

Angelina Rojano

“I needed the translation of an Apostille. This was the first time I contacted a translation in Germany, all other times were back at home. The service was excellent. Silvia is very nice. Moreover, her answers per e-mail were ultra-fast and all the process took only 2 days, including reception of the document per post. Please keep up with this level of service!”

Joana-Matin Schön

“I needed an official translation of my baptism papers. The contact with Mrs. Miñarro was “super”. It has been a very efficient job: fast, punctual, and well done. Moreover, she finished it in a reasonable time, even if we consider shipping. I am very satisfied with the deadline and price of the translation.”

Sara Shedden Casanovas

“I am a freelance journalist and I used the free 30-minute consulting Silvia is offering. I thank her for taking the time to help me at no cost. The information she gave me was very useful and she solved all my concerns.”

Jesús Garrido

“In order to get my degree recognized in Germany I had to submit a sworn translation of my qualifications and work life. I am very thankful to Silvia for the short time it took her and how she followed the terms and conditions.”

Rafael Cañada

“I needed a sworn translation for my job. Silvia was fast and effective, both when answering my emails, and providing the translation.”

Olga Muriel

“I needed an official translator and I wasn’t able to contact one easily, but with Silvia the contact was immediate and she coordinated everything very well. The direct, reliable service gave me confidence. The quality of her work is really good and at the requested time.”

Yaiza Davilla

“I needed to fill out some important documents for the employment agency in Nuremberg, urgently. Silvia helped me without having an appointment pre-scheduled. The service was excellent and I had the documents ready really soon.”

Patricia Angullo

“I needed an Interpreter for an appointment at the employment office. After hiring Silvia I feel more relaxed and assured because thanks to her I was able to understand everything. Moreover, she advised me about important issues, as the health insurance. I am very satisfied and I consider her a great professional.”

Laura Francisca Gil Martínez

“I needed a translation for a grades transcript and I sent Silvia an e-mail. The thing I liked the most was her quick answer, this reflects her interest and reliability. I am very satisfied with her excellent quality and professionalism.”

Inken Erbst

Customer service at MR education services
“As a teacher for Spanish in general and business contacts, Silvia is an excellent choice. She is flexible, organised and structured and can adapt to new technology easily. Her students are making progress quickly which shows her pedagogical abilities.”